Support for Home Mortgage Troubles with Cash for Gold Payouts

Cash For Gold

Los Angeles, CA—For many people, our current foreclosure crisis coupled with continuing high unemployment means s

cash for gold1 300x203  Support for Home Mortgage Troubles with Cash for Gold Payouts

Cash For Gold

erious problems for troubled homeowners. When this occurs, a solution just might be found in your jewelry box. Many folks are pleasantly surprised when they find out just how much fast cash their broken or unwanted gold jewelry can bring.

 For two of our California customers, Frank and Barbara Lamont, our payment for their gold items prevented foreclosure of their home and bought them the time they needed to find a workable solution. Here’s the letter they sent us after they received our check:



My wife and I were really against the wall financially and facing foreclosure when your payment arrived. We were just astounded at the amount of your check.

 Both Barbara and I have been out of work for more than eight months now and our savings were just about gone. We knew that foreclosure was right around the corner and we didn’t know what to do. That’s when Barbara decided to send you her gold jewelry to raise some cash and I sent along two gold chains that I seldom wore anymore. When your payment arrived, we were just stunned. The amount you paid us allowed us to pay off the late mortgage payments and avoid being foreclosed.


Thanks to Cash for Gold Co, we had the time to pursue a short sale which was approved by our lender just today! This prevented foreclosure and protected our credit rating as well. There are no words that can adequately express our appreciation.


Barbara’s company has re-hired her and I have some good possibilities in the works as well. We now have a positive outlook for the first time in many months. Cash for Gold Cos payment bought us the time we needed to find workable solutions.

 Thank you so much for being a real problem solver for our family. We will gladly recommend your company to our friends and relatives.



 Frank & Barbara Lamont

 According to Cash for Gold Co president Joe Montes, “This letter from the Lamonts certainly made our management feel good about our policy of paying sellers the highest-possible percentage of the actual current assayed value of their property. It is surely a great feeling to be able to help people like the Lamont family when they need it most.”  

Cash for Gold Co is a leading Internet buyer of gold, platinum and silver of every type. The company buys unwanted or broken jewelry, watches, coins, ingots and scrap precious metals from customers all over North America.




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